Brunotti women swimshort

Swimshorts for women

Boardshorts are useful shorts for women that can be worn over your bikini in summer. Board shorts are ideal for surfing and swimming, but of course you can also wear them when you lie on the beach.

Brunotti board shorts for women

The Brunotti board shorts for women have a water resistant finish, which causes water to slide off easily. We have board shorts for women in different designs. You buy your favourite Brunotti board shorts of course online in the official Brunotti webshop.

Brunotti summer shorts for women

Colourful and comfortable Brunotti shorts for women are available in the official Brunotti webshop. Our collection features nice shorts with cute prints, like a pair of shorts with flower print. Furthermore, we also have nice summer shorts with a cute vintage look in plain colours. The Brunotti shorts for women fall just over the buttocks and are very suitable to wear while doing sports. Are you going to the beach? Wear a summer Brunotti pair of shorts over your bikini and you are ready to go.

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    Georgette Women Short € 39.99
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    Genadi Women Boardshort € 49.99