Brunotti women bikini

Brunotti bikinis for women

How many bikinis do you have in your closet? And do you buy some more every summer? We understand, because the trends change every season. Our Brunotti bikinis follow the latest trends. Our summer collection 2014 features Brunotti bikinis with popular details, such as fringes, ruches and sea shells. Brunotti bikinis are available in one colour, or with cute designs.       

Brunotti bikinis summer 2014 mix & match

Besides regular bikinis, we also have bikini tops and bottoms that you can mix and match. We have bandeau bikini tops, slider triangle tops, tops with an underwire and halter tops. We also have different bottoms, such as basics, low bottoms with bows, brazilian bikini bottoms and hipsters.

Halter bikinis, triangle bikinis, bikinis with underwire, bandeau bikinis or tankinis

The difference between all these types of bikinis resides in the top. Halter bikini tops and triangle bikini tops are both triangle shaped, but the halter bikini top offers more coverage and support. The triangle bikini consists of two triangle-shaped pieces of cloth and tie-strings that go around the back. This makes the triangle bikini less suitable if youíre looking for a bra with good support. If you have a larger cup size, a bikini with underwire might be the right option for you, because of the support it offers.

Bandeau bikini

The bandeau bikini is a very fashionable beach or swimming pool outfit. The bandeau is a kind of rectangular bikini that fits like a strap around the upper body. An anti-slip layer on the inside keeps the bandeau in place. The bandeau is generally worn as a strapless bikini, but we ship them with strings, in case you want to attach tie-strings for extra security. Like the triangle bikini, the bandeau is not very suitable for those with a larger cup size. In these cases, underwire bikinis offer more support.


If you prefer to cover up your body a little more, a tankini might just be what youíre looking for. This type of swimwear hovers between bikini and bathing suit. The top is longer than a regular bikini top, which means it covers the stomach area. In this sense, the tankini top fits a little like a singlet or halter top and reaches (almost) down to the belly buton.

Bikini cup sizes

At, cup sizes are listed for some of our bikini tops. This makes it easier to find the bikini that is right for you. Moreover, Brunotti bikini tops are lined with a fixed or removable padding. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the cup until it fits right.

Bikini bottom models

Of course, a bikini is more than just the top. Like with the tops, there are many different bikini bottoms available.  Bottoms come in high and low models, as well as in different lengths. Some resemble panties, whereas others look more like boxer shorts. The kind of waist band may vary, ranging from tie-strings to a broad waist band resembling shorts.

Stylish swimwear

In order to look extra stylish on the beach, it is possible to combine your bikini with shorts or a beach wrap. Board shorts are extremely well suited to this purpose because these swim shorts are made of quick-drying fabric. Of course, regular shorts would look just as good. Shorts are athletic looking, short pants that could also be used as swimwear. They are also made of quick-drying fabric and come with an elastic waist band and tie-strings. A pareo or beach wrap is a beautiful beach accessory that gives your bikini a little extra. It is the finishing touch to an extra fashionable beach look. Find matching shorts, board shorts or a pareo at We offer a wide selection of each, so take a look and order right away!

Shop online: bikini

The perfect bikini for your body type is readily available online. Just go to Here, you will find the largest online collection of Brunotti bikinis. Find the bikini that matches your style, and look over the specs to determine if itís right for you. Youíll see right away whether your size is still in stock, so you avoid disappointment.  Placing an order is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDeal, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment. Find bikinis offered at a reduced price on our sales page. There are always some cute summer outfits or bikinis on sale in our outlet store.