Brunotti girls swimshort

Brunotti summer swimshorts for girls

Summer shorts for girls are of course available in the official Brunotti web shop. These shorts are comfortable and easy to wear over your bikini or casually. The Brunotti shorts for girls come in different lenghts: from just over the buttocks to just above the knee. The summer collection 2014 features all kinds of different shorts for girls in different prints and colours. Every bikini has a matching shorts. The Brunotti shorts are also easy to combine with nice sandals and a light T-shirt or top. A pair of sun glasses, and your girl is ready for summer.

Brunotti board shorts for girls                                                             

Brunotti board shorts for girls are great shorts that can be easily combined with a bikini or a bathing suit. The board shorts have a trendy look and are very comfortable. Your girl can swim with her board shorts as well, because they are made of quick dry waterproof fabric. The board shorts for girl in the summer collection 2014 look great with our bikinis. Of course the shorts can also be worn casually, with a sleeveless shirt of T-shirts and colourful sandals.  

Shorts for girls

We offer an extensive collection of kids clothes. Shorts for girls are only one of many items in our collection. Shorts for girls have an athletic look. They are nice and airy garments to wear on summer days, and easy to combine with shirts or tank tops. Shorts can also be used for swimming. To create a surfer look, wear a bikini with your shorts. Of course, for an extra  surfy look, it's nice if your bikini matches your shorts. We keep this in mind when designing our collection. Shorts are available in different lengths and with several colors and prints. At Brunottishop.com you can find the largest online collection Brunotti shorts for girls. Here, you can also see which items go best together.


Specs girl shorts and board shorts

When it comes to kids' clothes, comfort is as important as style. Clothes for girls should be able to take a little rough play. As previously mentioned, shorts for girls are also suitable for swimming, so they are made of a quickly drying material. Usually, the fabric used for shorts is polyester with a waterrepellent layer. Shorts have an elastic waist band with draw strings.  he inside and outside of shorts usually have one or multiple pockets. These can be used to stash all kinds of things, and also add to the cool look of the short. The length of shorts may vary, but they always reach to or above the knee.

Board shorts were originally designed for dynamic water sports athletes, so it makes for a wonderful addition to a kids' swimwear collection. Children move around a lot, just like kite surfers do. For active people, it is of particular importance that swim shorts don't slip off. Board shorts are made of fabric that dries quickly, which adds to wearing comfort. Board shorts have a fixed waist band with a button or draw strings. A triangle-shaped piece of lycra keeps the shorts from falling off. The seams of board shorts are also stitched multiple times so kids can freely move around without worrying about their swimwear. This makes board shorts a cool and comfortable addition to regular swimwear.

Buy swimshorts for girls online

More and more clothes for girls, including swimwear for girls, are bought online. The ease and convenience of online shopping plays a big part in this trend. You can browse the entire Brunotti collection of swimwear for kids online whenever it suits you best, and you don't have to take your kids down to the store. Girls clothes from our collection match wonderfully, which makes it easy to assemble a complete outfit. Anything can be ordered from the Brunotti shop, ranging from swimsuits to board shorts and from bikinis to board shorts and from jackets to flip flops. You can see right away whether the size of your choice is still available. Placing an order is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment. If, in the end, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the item in its original packaging. You will have the option between either receiving a refund, or trading in the product for something else. In the outlet store there are still some board shorts for girls available at reduced prices.
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  • Gallar Girls Boardshort € 19.99
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  • Gatera Girls Short € 29.99