Brunotti girls bikini

Brunotti bikinis for girls

Summer is finally there! And that means your girl needs a new bikini. Brunotti has lovely bikinis for summer 2014. The bikini collection features among others triangle bikinis and bandeau bikinis.

The Brunotti bikinis for girls from the summer collection have popular details, such as ruffles, flowered fabrics, polka dots and bikinis that can be tied behind the neck. Besides bikinis, Brunotti also has bathing suits for girls.

Brunotti tankini for girl

When summer starts swimming gear can obviously not miss from the wardrobe of your girl. Brunotti has beautiful bikinis, bathing suits and tankinis for girls. A tankini is a bikini with a longer top, which leaves almost none of the stomach exposed. The tankini top falls just below the belly button. The Brunotti tankinis have cute prints and all kinds of designs and colours. The summer collection 2014 features several tankinis for girls. We have halter tankinis, bandeau tankinis and more.

Bikini for girls

No swimwear collection for kids is complete without a bikini. The wide selection of swimwear for girls is equal to the one for women. When it comes to bikini tops, the triangle bikini enjoys the biggest popularity. The triangle bikini consists of two triangular pieces of cloth and tie-strings that go around the back. It's a well-loved model for girls because it stays in place while playing. Bikini tops should fit tightly around the body so that they don't slip off, especially because little girls are very active. Different models girls bikini bottoms are available as well. Bottoms come in high and low models, and length may vary as well. Some resemble panties, whereas others look more like boxer shorts. The kind of waist band may differ, ranging from tie-strings to a broad waist band with bows. At you can find all kinds of swimwear in many different colors, so there is always a model that's right for your little girl.

Specifications swimwear for kids

Bikinis for girls are made of an elastic fabric to ensure a comfortable fit Generally, we use a polyamide-elastane blend. Swimwear for kids can be worn in both the pool and on the beach. When you've worn the bikini to the beach, however, rinsing it before going into the pool is advisable. Bikini tops usually have draw strings or clasps at the back. Every girls bikini can be adjusted to accommodate every kind of body type.

Complete summer outfit

Of course, on a pool day or beach day, a bikini forms every girl's basic outfit. A cute dress works well with your swimsuit, but a skirt, cargo shorts or shorts in combination with a t shirt or tank top are equally suitable. To make the bikini look extra good, youcan wear a pair of board shorts or shorts over the bikini bottoms. Board shorts and short are cool swimwear items that dry quickly. Board shorts and shorts can also be worn with a t shirt. Just throw on a pair of flip flops, and your summer look is complete. At it's easy to spot what other products might be right for you. Here, you can also see whether your size is still available. This way, you can assemble an entire outfit and order it right away!

Shop online for girls bikinis

At you can find the largest online collection of Brunotti bikinis for girls. Like all swimwear for kids, bikinis are available in many different models and with various colors and prints. In our collection of swimwear for girls, we use bright colors and multiple prints, both for bikinis and board shorts. Browse our entire collection whenever you find a moment. Placing an order is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDeal, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment. If, in the end, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the item in its original packaging, and we will distribute a refund.

Shopping in outlet store for girls' summer clothes

On our sales page you can find additional clothes for girls offered at a reduced price. Needless to say, the outlet store is definitely worth a visit!