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Brunotti trolleys are well-suited to take on trips. A suitcase or trolley are often used on holidays, especially when one has to travel by plane. They are also perfect for active vacations, however. Some travel bags have two handles, which means they can also be worn as backpacks. Suitcase specs are listed on each suitcase's product page.

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The suitcase collection consists of five different models. Suitcases or trolleys usually come in different colors and different sizes. Basic suitcases are sold throughout the year. When you are going on an active vacation, it is wise to bring a small, light-weight model. When you are planning a trip by car or plane, size and weight play a less important role. Check out the Brunottishop for backpacks to bring on your vacation.

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Brunotti travel bags have handles on top or on the side. These are usually padded, which makes them more comfortable to carry around. The bags have many zippers and compartments, so it is easy to distribute your belongings. Most trolleys have two main compartments, so clean clothes and shoes are easily organized. Suitcases have wheels at the bottom, as well as a pull-along handle that can be extended to two different positions.

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  • BB Travel L Trolly Uni € 139.95